Center for Dizziness and Balance

This is the teaching portal for Tyler Paige. I will list all of my teaching materials here, like syllabi, workshops, and lectures.

The throughline between my teaching and my creative practice is to find useful disorientations: misheard phrases that spark interest; quick glances at the clock when a second feels strangely longer; sudden vividness when a truism feels deep. Therefore, the name here is taken from a rehabilitation center seen driving 65mph down the Garden State Parkway—the center between dizziness and balance.


Reference Instructional guides or otherwise files that describe how to do something
Lecture Like references, but less concerned with practical things
Exercise Activies you can do to gear your brain towards some larger objective
Figma View-only access to a Figma file
Slides View-only access to a Google Slides document
Docs View-only access to a Google Docs document


Exercise Figma Making plans for self-growth
Exercise Docs Build a "business card" style webpage
Exercise Docs Analyze a wireframe for a portfolio website
Reference Slides How to document your work
Reference Slides What makes a good artist website?
Reference Slides How to print your work
Reference Figma Using art direction to make a wireframe come alive
Reference Figma Limitations & opportunities with typography on the Web
Reference Figma Finding a sense of direction with responsive typography(using type scales)
Reference Figma Grid systems on the web
Reference Figma Responsive images
Reference Figma Quickstart for coding your own artist websiteAn introduction to templating systems, along with a boilerplate/starter project

Course history

Title Objective Time Place
Design 3B Making a portfolio Spring 2022 Rutgers University
Technology A Understanding technology and politics as mutually constitutive Fall 2021 Pratt Institute